Yes, I Can!… post from my iPhone!

Gail and I are in AZ. We decided not to bring computers. I feel… disconnected!
So, sitting at the airport this morning waiting for our flight, I thought I’d check to see if a WordPress app was available for my iPhone, and… sure enough!!! Why am I so excited about this? I feel like a kid with a new toy!
(Don’t tell on me, but I’m posting during my conference. Shhh.)
Here’s a pic from inside our room at the FireSky in Scottsdale. I hope you can see our nice little view. More pics later.

6 thoughts on “Yes, I Can!… post from my iPhone!”

  1. Ah, so now you DO have a computer. Great things come in small packages. I love your view. Looks warm and dry and inviting. Yes, post more pics!

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  2. This is great to know! I'm in DC now, have my laptop and iPhone. Going to look for this app since laptop is not always with me. Nice picture, you do indeed have a nice view. Hope you and Gail enjoy your time there.

    <abbr>Elaine’s last blog post..Time For Another Road Trip</abbr>

  3. Kathy~

    Yeah, it IS a little computer. The phone part is almost an afterthought.

    Will have to take some pix with the phone so I can blog them. The phone camera isn't all that great, but oh well…

    VERY cool about your academic blog review! Can't wait to read in detail!


    Having a great time, thanks! Hope you are, too, in your travels.

    Paralells continue, with the iPhone now!

    Will catch up later!

  4. Keli~

    Yep. Princess Gail has her own iPhone, and loves it. I am so lucky I married a geek just like I am (But don't tell her. I'm sure she doesn't think she's a geek.)

    Hey, and you don't get off so easy either, sister! You have a blog, so I imagine you like to spend some time in the ether as well. Yes?


    Nah. The main reason is to visit my daughter, Kelly, who has lived in AZ for 6 years now. The conference does allow me to deduct most of my trip expenses, though, so I'll put up with those boring lectures! : )

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