Writing on Air! :-)

Isn’t it fun getting a new computer!?! It’s fun shopping for it, thinking about it, and then the day arrives when you finally go to the store with enough credit or money in the bank to pay for it! In my case, it was the Apple Store at the Friendly Center in Greensboro, NC.

Isn’t that a great name? The Friendly Center? On Friendly Avenue? And isn’t it great that everyone on the street HAS to be friendly? It’s no wonder that everyone at the Apple Store was really friendly, especially the clerk when I told him I wanted to buy a computer.

It doesn’t usually look like this, though. You seldom see open parking spaces right in front of the store. The store is usually pleasantly busy with excited shoppers. I love the energy I find in all the Apple Stores I’ve visited around the country!

Here’s a picture of Steve (I’ll give him soccer star status by just calling him by his first name) showing off the MacBook Air at the last MacWorld Expo. Even Windows/PC fans have to admit this man has changed all of our lives. Most of the innovation comes out of Cupertino, CA. Redmond, WA is the home of wannabe copycats.

So here it is! My new lover machine! The 13″ MacBook Air weighs in at 2.9 pounds. Closed, it is 0.68 inches at it’s thickest and 0.11 inches at it’s front end! It’s hard to fathom that unless you hold it in your hands. It has no CD drive, a nod to the fact that we do most everything online anymore, including purchasing and installing software. (Though I did buy an optional external CD drive.)

Way higher on the coolness factor is that this computer does not have a hard drive! What!?! No hard drive?! Yeah, you heard me. It remembers everything on flash memory. So no moving parts. That makes it quiet, wakes up in an instant, and is superfast!

So now I’ve finished transferring over all my old stuff and writing my first post on it. It’s like writing on Air!

Can you tell I’m happy and excited? 😀

15 thoughts on “Writing on Air! :-)”

  1. That is an awesome computer that you purchased. I hope it brings you lots of enjoyment. As a Baby Boomer, it amazes me at how far the technoloy has come. I never imagined that I would read E books on my Kindle.

    1. Yeah, Pam, it's a lot of fun already!

      I know what you mean about how far the technology has come. A long way since my first Apple in 1984! Our kids have grown up with it and have no idea what life was like before we were all so "connected."

      I just bought one of my daughters a Kindle for Christmas. How have you liked yours?

      1. I enjoy my Kindle and it is easier for me to hold on to. My hands tend to hurt with regular books. I like that I can sample a book before purchasing it.

        In fact, I am reading more than ever because of the accessability of the Kindle book store. I am reading Laura Bush's book right now and it is so interesting with so much history of Midland, TX. and the Permian Basin.

  2. Yes I can tell you are happy and excited about your new computer. Enjoy every minute. I'm sure you will.

    Have a terrific day and week ahead. Big hug to you and Princess Gail. 🙂

      1. Floppy drives!! Really? The old 5.25 inch floppies? How retro cool!

        But it sounds like you would love a new computer, too!

  3. It's more beautiful than I even imagined! And how thoughtful that you documented the experience so the rest of us can stay motivated to get one, too! Enjoy! 😀

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