WordPress 2.8. Looking for a new theme.

I like the new theme and widget controls in the all-new WP 2.8!  But my old theme didn’t play very well with it.  It was a freebie off the web anyway.  So I am now in the search for a new theme, and would appreciate any help in this direction.

Several months ago I contacted a custom designer, and gagged at the 2 to 3 THOUSAND dollar pricetag!  since then, I have found another in the 4 to 5 HUNDRED dollar range, but that is still more than I want to spend on a personal blog.

Themeforest has other options, not entirely unique, but almost, in the 15 to 25 dollar range. Now we’re talkin’!  But still, I would love something that says “Ferd!”

I’ll keep looking, but would appreciate any ideas.

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  1. I haven't done the update yet to WP 2.8, maybe this weekend. Just to let you know it took me awhile to get here, the page loaded very very slow, seems like something is hanging it up.

    About WP themes, I have been searching for a new one too and like you am willing to pay some but not some outlandish amount. I've been using the ones by Sadish Bala (some free, some pay) and really like his! Since I make my own header image a theme must have that option for me. I do know of site with some excellent WP themes, will find the info and email you.
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..The Year Without Summer =-.

  2. Mike~

    You might be cheap, but you're not easy! ; )

    Yeah, I have only used freebies, too, both from WP and off the web.

    But the nicest themes I've seen have been custom designed for people. I'm still considering shelling out a few bucks, key words "a few."


    Thanks for telling me about the slow load. I noticed that, too, on my end. I'm guessing the problem is that my themes aren't optimized for WP 2.8.

    I'll check out the Sadish Bala themes. I'm considering a $25 one from Themeforest as soon as he upgrades the files to 2.8.

    A lot of themes have "custom header" now. That's the only way to go for me, as they tend to be themes that use a lot of photos, and that's what I want to do.

    Thanks for your help! Maybe we'll both find something nice!

    Stay warm! ; )

  3. Ferd, I highly recommend Atahualpa 3.3.2 by BFA WebDesign. It is highly configurable and he has optimized it for 2.7 and 2.8. It is the theme I have on my blog, but I've changed so much in it that it only vaguely resembles the out-of-the-box setup.

  4. Lee!!!

    I LOVE your site design!! I was looking for something like it, but I would have never dreamed of asking to use yours! That is a VERY nice offer, and I will probably take you up on it. I just shelled out $25 bucks on this one, and it needs some tweaking, so I'll try it out for a little while, but if it gives me too much grief, I will definitely use yours! Wow, that was really nice, brother!

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