What would I do with a billion dollars !?!

What kind of billionaire would I be?

Mandy, of Texas Medical Freak, is one of my oldest blogosphere eFriends. It turns out she would be a Philanthropist, which I think is kind of like a beauty queen, in that she wants to bring health and happiness to the whole world.

I thought I’d turn out the same, because I have a lot of beauty queen in me, too! But no, mine turned out different:

I guess that’s alright. I would invest wisely and still devote most of the money to bringing peace and happiness to the whole world. It brings a tear to me eye just thinking about it. I better be careful or my mascara will run!

Okay, see ya, I’m off to the bathing suit competition!

My comment thing is still not right. Sometimes it works for people and sometimes it doesn’t. I still can’t leave a comment on my own blog! I’m trying to be patient. Not one of my strongest virtues.
I love you, Apple. Now, please, love me back dammit!

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