Waterfowl on Salem Lake

Princess Gail and I took a nice walk along Salem Lake on a sunny winter day. The work on the dam is complete and the water level is back to normal, and it’s nice to see our winter visitors didn’t forget about this beautiful little lake.

Here are are few shots showing some of the diversity we enjoyed. You can click on a pic to biggify.

6 thoughts on “Waterfowl on Salem Lake”

  1. Hi Ferd! Remember me??? I somehow lost your email address when Buckeye made changes to their email service. I’ve been thinking of you and had two people at Regency ask me about you this past week, then Glenita asked me about you so I took all of this as a sign that it was time to get in touch with you! It looks as if life in the beautiful Carolinas are agreeing with you. Would love to catch up with you. Shoot me an email if you have the time. I’m still in Sylvania but the house has been up for sale so I can make the move south. Hope to hear from you!

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