4 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Christmas #9 ~ Diana Krall repost”

  1. Both very lovely renditions! I love it when musical talents take well known songs and make it their own. By the way, I noticed Sarah Silverman sitting next to Jay Leno – I just saw her yesterday walking her Chihuahua – she's very nice in person.

    Hope you and Gail have a wonderful, warm and happy Christmas!

  2. Keli~

    I love it when you say stuff like that. You make it sound so everyday normal to see celebrities! If I lived where you do I think that would be my hobby: trying to spot celebrities! 😎

  3. She is amazing, isn't she? TC and I have been huge fans from her earliest recordings. I've never heard the Jingle Bells mix. I'll share that one! Fwiw… I thing Elvis Costello is hot.

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