Twelve Days of Christmas #3 ~ Los Lonely Boys’ Feliz Navidad

First of all, I want y’all to know I’ve been a Los Lonely Boys fan since their first album came out in 2004. You might remember the “Heaven” track off that album became a #1 hit. Gail and I had the chance to see them live a few years ago when they were opening for Santana. They are a very fun band to watch play live.

So when I stumbled onto this video, I knew I would like it. I did a YouTube search for this song in particular because I have it in my Christmas collection. But I didn’t expect to be surprised on this video with the Mexican/Texican images!!! They brought me so many memories of Christmases with my family and my extended family in Mexico. In particular, check out the “Nacimientos.” (That means the “Nativity Scenes”.)  Check out the header on my blog, which is my own Nacimiento this year. And check out the massive Nacimientos on the video, which are so much like my mom’s Nacimientos. I’ll see if I can’t find a picture of one and add it to this post. Enjoy!

Okay. I found one picture of my mom with one of her Nacimientos. This one is not very complex. For many years, it was two or three times larger, with numerous levels, and a wonderful assortment of scenes. You could find farms, army men, herds of animals, clowns, a little lake made of a mirror, a water fall made out of tinsel, Matchbox cars, Ninja Turtles, a hanging chain of Barrel Full of Monkeys… and so on, and so on. Great memories!!!

5 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Christmas #3 ~ Los Lonely Boys’ Feliz Navidad”

  1. Of course your mom has a Nacimiento tradition!! She is a tapatía. Warmest regards from Guadalajara. Please give her all my love. I have fond memories of our telephone conversations during my undergraduate years at the University of Houston.

  2. Mike~

    Jose is the original. He was great!


    Like Guadalajara, my mom is a "muchacha bonita, la perla mas rara!"

    She remembers you fondly as well.


    I wondered where they all went! I went back to eat one and they were gone!


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