Turtle Day

Today in Winston-Salem was a cloudless 71 degrees! Princess Gail and I took the opportunity to get into shorts for the first time this year and then hike the 7 miles around Salem Lake. It was a really wonderful afternoon! We enjoyed quiet conversation, stopping here and there to see things that caught our eye. Among them were these turtles. It must be a springtime thing, because I don’t remember ever seeing so many turtles. I’ll share some pics.

And here are a couple more cuties. Well… at least Princess Gail!

10 thoughts on “Turtle Day”

  1. Sandee~

    Our weather must be very similar. Different oceans, but I get the sense we have about the same temperature.

    We did have fun today. Easy on a warm, clear, sunny, beautiful day!

    You have a terrific day, too! 🙂


    It was lovely. I don't usually care one bit about turtles, but the sheer number of them sunning on the logs made me take note.

    Hey, did you notice the Grateful Graffiti on my right sidebar? 🙂

  2. Dawn~

    Thanks! Personally, I don't think you're missing a lot with the turtle thing. You ARE missing a lot of warm weather stuff. I'm digging your Florida posts. My recommendation is that your travel more (to the south!) Door's always open in NC!

    Hey, I updated the post. I added a couple of pix of Gail and me.

  3. Jess~

    No. I'M the one who is grateful, for people like you who show me the way!


    I know you know that goes for you, too, as I have said many times before.

    Hiking uphill is okay because the other half of the hike has to be downhill! Unless you are trapped in an MC Escher poster! LOL
    .-= Ferd´s last blog ..Making the best of it =-.

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