Thursday Thanks ~ I Have a Job

I’m almost immune to the news. Unemployment is up again. Ho hum. Yawn. Then I stop and really think about it. 516,000 new unemployment claims in one week! 3.9 million people out of work! I think about all the stress that is associated with that. These are real people who can’t pay any bills. Can’t put food on the table. Can’t pay their mortgage. We keep setting records… bad ones.

I almost feel bad being grateful about this, but I know that’s not right. I am grateful for having a job! I’m in one of those recession proof careers I wrote about earlier. Actually, I’m looking forward to starting a new kick~ass job in the near future. Life is good. My problems pale in comparison to what some people and families are going through. I have to remember that when I’m feeling bummed and stressed. I’m still in the battle… and that’s a good thing!

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