Things I Will Miss About Toledo – Part 1


Of course, it is people and relationships that matter most. But this post is about stuff that is unique to Toledo, stuff that I value for one reason or another, that I will miss as we make our move to North Carolina. So here my list, in no particular order:

Beautiful Places

Wildwood Metropark – is a gorgeous piece of land donated to the Toledo Metropark System by a prominent Toledo family, the Stranahans, of Champion Spark Plug wealth. It is part of a globally distinct ecosystem, the oak savannah,  which has been designated by the Nature Conservancy, a renowned conservation organization, as “One of the 200 Last Great Places on Earth.” It is the most used of Toledo’s parks. I have walked, run, biked, rollerbladed, picnicked, and walked the dog through this park on countless occasions, sometimes with others, and sometimes in peaceful solitude. I will miss it!

Olander Park – is a much smaller, but lovely part of the park system. It has a pond at it’s center with a mile long walking path around it, perfect for walking and running. I particularly love it because of the annual triathlon that is centered there. I was a participant for many years. The pond provides the best swim of any triathlon I have ever run, and the race attracts athletes from all over the country because the bike course is flat, and the run course is partly shaded through nice neighborhoods, making it ideal for setting PR’s. It was a big part of my life for many years.

Bike trails – Toledo has two very nice ones, part of the national rails-to-trails movement that converted abandoned railways into trails to be used by people. The trail from the University of Toledo out to Sylvania is 6 miles long, making a pleasant 12 mile out-and-back on a bike, 15 miles if you start and end at my house. The other trail is in nearby Monclova township, longer and more rural. We incorporate that on our longer rides.

BikeWorks and Wersell’s – Since I wrote so much about biking, I may as well add my favorite local bike shops here. They qualify as “beautiful places” because I consider road bikes to be works of functional art. They are beautiful to me! I could hang one on the wall of our living room. Seriously!


The Toledo Museum of Art – I have visited many museums in my life, all over the world. I have to say that Toledo’s museum stands up there with the best of them. The permanent collections are great, and it is also alive with important expositions of global treasures, and with educational programs that reach out to young and old alike. It is really something to be proud of.

An honorable mention goes to the Toledo Symphony, which has it’s main venue within the museum campus. I am not much of a symphony goer, but when I have gone over the years, I have been impressed with the quality of the musicians and performances.

Toledo Zoo – This is the same way. A wonderful zoo for a city the size of Toledo. I loved it as a child, and loved taking my kids to it years later. The zoo also has a small outdoor amphitheater that brings in great musical performers during the summer months. I have seen Stevie Nicks, Hall and Oates, and Earth Wind & Fire there just in the last year or two.


The Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic – is an annual stop of the LPGA tour. Princess Gail and I go every year. It is simply awesome watching these women play! The golf course at Highland Meadows is a favorite for many of these athletes, so we get to see the top names year after year.

An honorable mention goes to the Toledo Mudhens. I don’t do baseball, but the Mudhens have been doing great, and the new stadium downtown has been a huge hit.

And this is long enough for Part 1. More Toledo stuff later.

15 thoughts on “Things I Will Miss About Toledo – Part 1”

  1. Hey Mike!

    I plan to list some of my favorite Toledo eateries in Part 2.

    Tony Packos will get an honorable mention, because it has some fame, and is really pretty good… for hot dogs.

    Cleveland has far more interesting dining than Toledo does!

  2. Dawn~

    We are on the same cosmic warp! I was just catching up on Robin's poetry as your comment came in. Talk about beautiful!

    Can't take credit for the photos. I "borrowed" all of them off the net. But they do give the proper visual to my story and feelings.

    Though I am excited about the next chapter in my life, there are indeed people and places I will miss.

  3. Hello there!!! So I got this email this morning that I could not stop laughing at and, upon thinking about sharing it, I immediately thought about you! Weird I know seeing as how I don't know you, but you're the only Spanish speaking blog buddy I know! I sure hope you come by and check it out!

    – G

    <abbr>GiGi @ Incrementum’s last blog post..Just for Hispanic readers!</abbr>

  4. Gigi~

    Gracias por pensar en mi!

    Así son nuestras madres, de veras! LOL! (You have to laugh out loud in Spanish)

  5. Wow I really like this slideshow! I didn't know Toledo had a zoo, if fact there's quite a bit I didn't know about Toledo from reading this post! And to think I grew up in Dayton….what 150 miles away?

    So am I take this the house has sold and the move is imminent?

    Happy Mother's Day to Gail, and have a great weekend!

    <abbr>Elaine’s last blog post..Overeating to blame for U.S. obesity epidemic</abbr>

  6. Aww….you and Gail are feeling nostalic I see. Perfectly normal and so healthy of you to chronicle it here on the blog like this with lovely photos. It is documented. Doesn't that make it easier to think about new adventures and places in the great state of North Carolina.

    You described some wonderful perks in Toledo. Some I would love to visit.

    But remember, they do not have a Bloggingham Palace.

    Just sayin….

  7. Elaine~

    I didn't know you grew up in Dayton! My son, Kevin, was a Dayton Flyer, so I visited him at the U on many occasions. And I went there as a kid to the WP air museum more than once. My sister in law is from Dayton. Smallish world, eh!?

    Nope, the house has not sold yet, but we have had some definite nibbles! And we are hot on the hunt for a house in NC. Eric starts school in NC at the end of the summer, so the move is indeed imminent, whether our house is sold or not.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!


    It was fun to chronicle some of these places. It seems like the right thing to do, to honor the place that was home for so many years. Many memories, most of them good ones! But we do not wax nostalgic for long! Our heads are already in the great state of North Carolina! And I am so looking forward to visiting Bloggingham some day soon!

  8. Ferd,

    Thanks for dropping by my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blog with your Happy Mother's Day wishes. I didn't realize you were moving… great post. I wonder if you'd consider cross-posting your Toledo stuff to your own Roxy's Best Of… site. Please stop by my main site and have a look around, let me know if you're interested.

    Thanks, and all the best,


    <abbr>Roxy's Best Of…’s last blog post..If You Build It, They Will Come</abbr>

  9. Roxy~

    Sure, I love your "Best of…" thing! I'd be honored to participate! I plan on doing at least one more Toledo post.

  10. I can see you why you're already missing Toledo! Gorgeous pix!

    But I know when we moved almost a decade ago, we found we loved our new home so much, we've almost (key word) forgotten what it was we missed. I'm certain you will find new and at least equally marvelous spots in NC.

    P.S. This upcoming August, there's a PGA tourney in NC (but not LPGA; perhaps, if I suspect correctly, you are partial to the ladies?)

    <abbr>Keli’s last blog post..Philanthropic Stupidity</abbr>

  11. Keli~

    I won't forget my Toledo roots, but there is a LOT to love about the great state of North Carolina!

    The LPGA ladies are great athletes, and it is fun to watch anyone and anything that is world class, especially when they come to your backyard! We have had the very occasional PGA event at Inverness Country Club in Toledo, and I don't miss those, either. Here in NC, I was real disappointed to miss a PGA event just 2 weeks ago in Charlotte, an hour and a half away. Tiger and Mickelson were there. Gail and I both golf, and we enjoy this sort of thing. Also, we have already seen a couple of Carolina Panthers football games in Charlotte.

  12. It's very pretty. You must have so many good memories of Toledo -it's where you spent most of your professional life, raised a family, made friends. It's good to hold onto these things, as you go forward to North Carolina!

  13. Hi, Kanani!

    I haven't "talked" to you in a while! Thanks for visiting!

    Of course, we won't forget our Toledo roots, for all the reasons you mentioned. My parents and 2 of my children are still there as well. So we plan to stay connected.

    I'll swing by your site.

    Hey, weren't you coming to South Carolina this summer?

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