The Queen’s Peace Meme


This is the perfect meme for the moment! Thanks to Queen Mimi for these peaceful questions!

1. How do you find your own personal peace/nirvana?

I try to figure out what is making me anxious. Sometimes it takes a prayer for clarity. And many times I just have to keep repeating the Serenity Prayer over and over like a mantra. Other ways that work for me are physical exercise, relaxation exercises, and our massage chair.
2. Where do you go to find respite and solace?
Is there a particular place, city, country, room in your house?

Our house is roomy enough to find a quiet spot, and we are all respectful enough to give each other alone time when needed.

3. Who is the most peace-loving person you know? What makes them so?

Martha Wheeler.  She is a long time friend from Toledo. I have always been impressed by her kind and peaceful manner. She accomplishes an amazing lot, and always in an elegant, peaceful, unhurried, and unruffled way.

4. What do you do when your inner peace is threatened?
Do you have a strategy, a routine, religious faith, a mantra……to calm yourself down?

See #1.

5. What is your favorite comfort food?

Cookies or pie.  I prefer pie, because I count it as a “fruit group” selection!  😉
6. Do you have a pet that brings you happiness and peace? If not, what type of animals bring you peaceful thoughts?

Birds, because they are outside pets! (I wouldn’t mind an imaginary dog, either!)

7. What is your favorite peace song?

Peace it Together. It’s a song I’ve been working on for a while. Maybe for the next BB4P?

8. Did you post a peace globe on November 5th and participate in BlogBlast For Peace?

Duh… like, who didn’t!?!

10 thoughts on “The Queen’s Peace Meme”

  1. Dawn~

    It's a big responsibility, but I would be willing to take on the care of this desperate imaginary dog you know. Now you know I have a warm spot for imaginary dogs!

    I hope you enjoyed your pie! : )


    Glad to be of service. This is vital nutritional information we all should know!


    Wow! I am so glad to know everyone is so health conscious! : )


    Thanks… and thank you.

    And thank you very much!


    Only if he is an identical twin. Homer is the best!

    Not holding out.. just trying to be mysterious! : )

  2. Very interesting, as usual, Ferd. I really could use an imaginary dog, right about now. My real win has developed a habit of turning the front door handle when we're not home, welcoming himself inside the kitchen and lounging about on my side of the couch!!!

    Fruit pies rule – I had a fair helping of fruit and veggies at Thanksgiving – Cherry and Pumpkin pies!

    Long live Peace!
    .-= Keli´s last blog ..Stupidity, Family Gatherings and Thanksgiving =-.

  3. Hi, Keli!

    We had a real dog for the kids during their growing up years. He was a wonderful golden retriever, Huckleberry! He was with us for many years, a part of the family.

    But nowadays, I would definitely stick to imaginary dogs! That was Mimi's great idea, though she and Homer seem to have a love/barely tolerate relationship.

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