The Queen’s Meme #6 ~ Suzy Sunshine Did Not Show Up Today


I’m playing one of Mimi’s memes today. Great subject!  She’s not only the Queen of Memes, she’s the Great Dame of Lame Dates! LOL  Check out her dating profiles blog for a few laughs. Guys, be warned, don your flak jackets, helmets, and any other protective gear you might find!

From the Queen Herself:

Welcome back to the Queens Tuesday Meme.

Are you up for the challenge? Take a look at these seven dating profile headlines from real dating sites. Imagine you are trying to find a date and these gems have just landed in your inbox. How would you respond to them? Write a comeback response to each one. Be sarcastic, be funny, be brave! Spelling errors not my own. Names and locations have been changed to protect the terminally single. If you need inspiration, go
HERE for hundreds of funny examples.
You know you wanna play!

In honor of my 500th “Bachelor of The Day” to post this week on my site called Dating Profile Of The Day we bring you The Dating Meme. For three years I’ve been rummaging through online dating profiles to find the zaniest and most ridiculous profile headlines out there. They write ’em. I spoof ’em. Do you know that some folks are grammatically insane?? And some are just insane.
Ergo, today’s meme was born.

Okay, Mimi. So here are my answers, written as a real woman should reply, from a man’s perspective, being the man’s man that I am am!

1. Birdbrain looking for a mate

I’m short and tweet! Looking for a Birdbrain to lay on my egg!

2. Where Are All The Bad Girls?

Here we are! Me, myself and I! Call us!

3. A Good Woman Is Hard To Fine

A hard man is good to find!

4. Does God Know You’ve Escaped From Heaven?

Actually, I was let go. So, let’s go!

5. I Put the Fun in DysFUNctional

Jackpot! I’ve dated soo many functional men, and they are NO FUN! Call me!

6. Does this profile make me look fat?

ooh, no! I love a man who looks like he could out-eat me and out-drink me!

7. I’m a no nonsince person with little tolorrance for stupitity

I love it when guys pretend they can’t spell. You are soo funny!

Thanks, Mimi! That was fun! I was able to tap into the girly side of me!

; )

8 thoughts on “The Queen’s Meme #6 ~ Suzy Sunshine Did Not Show Up Today”

  1. Your tapping into the girly side is beginning to scare me!!

    #5 cracked me up especially, and it is so true. Thanks for playing. It's ALWAYS great to get a guy's (ahem…real man's) point of view.

    You rock.

  2. Mimi~

    Don't be afraid. I was just kidding. My girly side isn't really quite that ditzy!

    ; )


    I'm kidding about that "girly side" stuff.

    How 'bout them Browns!?


    I guess my girly side is a bit of a tramp! LOL

  3. Laughing…Great Job! The Best Parts looks good…I missed stopping by and visiting.

    I wanted to let you know there's an award for you on A Nice Place In The Sun.

    Have a great week-end~

    Cheers, and congrats,


  4. Keli~

    I understand that these comments were taken verbatim from dating sites, spelling errors and all! It made my head spin, too! I'm guessing dating sites are areas where stupers congregate.


    Well, I hope it's the first of many visits. I'll see you in A Nice Place in the Sun!

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