The Present

A constant companion and benevolent provider, the Angel of Death walked side by side with the Toltec warrior.

The warrior knew the day would come when the Angel of Death would take back what was rightfully His. The warrior knew that everything in his life, even life itself, belonged to the Angel, and was being offered to him in temporary loan. The Angel provided all he needed, so in this sense the Angel of Death was also the Angel of Life. The Angel had provided parents, and then taken them back. The warrior was grateful for the gifts of his parents. Food, clothing, shelter, teachers, friends and relatives had been provided, and the warrior was grateful. They also had been taken back by the Angel of Death. That was the normal way of the world. The warrior knew he did not own possessions; they belonged to the Angel of Death.

The warrior was also aware of the parasite living inside him. The parasite wanted to own the Angel’s possessions, to consume them, and to consume the warrior himself. The warrior was aware of the life long battle with the parasite.

So the warrior walked on, grateful for what he was given that day, grateful for his constant companion and provider, grateful for another sunrise and sunset, even as he knew they had already been taken back by the Angel of Life and Death.

Yesterday’s history.

Tomorrow’s a mystery.

Unwrap each day like the present that it is.

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    1. No, Katherine, all’s good. I posted this to remind myself to live in the moment and appreciate what I have been given today.

      And thank you very much for your kind concern! 🙂

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