The Menus

It’s another Menus night tonight! Our favorite live band! They’re from Cincinnati and they make it up to Toledo about once a month. We try to not miss them. Princess Gail and I actually noticed each other for the first time at one of their shows. It’s a fun thing to do on a Friday night. Date night.

Speaking of that, Princess Gail takes it really seriously when I use the word “date.” When I tell her we are going out on a date, even if it’s just a plain old day, she usually tries to buy something new, like a shirt or something. She gets all dolled up. She wears her evening make up. It becomes something special just because I used the word “date.” She will look forward to it for days. And then I have to measure up, which is a good thing. I’ll go from grungy to “very, very good-looking” (like Zoolander!)

So, anyway, we’ll have a good time tonight, singing, dancing, just a little tame craziness. Fun! You know what, I really look forward to these moments, too.

Here’s a little glimpse, but nothing like they are live:

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