16 thoughts on “The Hip Crip”

  1. Breaking bones isn’t fun and the healing takes time. The hip is weight bearing and I’ve not broken anything that complicated as of yet and I hope not to either. I hope Princess Gail is better than ever very soon.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. 馃檪

    1. The pain is much better. Now it’s more the nuisance of not being allowed to bear weight on the hip for 2-3 months. It’s frustrating for her because she’s a very active person.

      Big hug to you and Z! 馃檪

  2. The hip crip. Bah humbug. The only thing funny about that are the pink handlebars on the walker. Best wishes for an injury free new year! : )

    1. Those are extra cushion grips. Her hands have calluses now. It really isn’t funny. But she makes the best of it!

      Yes, best wishes for all of us to have a happy and healthy 2012.

  3. OH NOOO! When she goes fast with the walker, do you hear that same sproingy sound they played on the TV show? Remember that? I wouldn’t even know how to describe it!

    I hope Gail is BETTER BETTER BETTER!!! BUT… is it possible she can milk this a bit…? “Oh I hurt a bit… can you get me something from the kitchen?”

    1. Ha! Yep, she makes the sproingy sound when she goes really fast on her walker. And she makes the doot-doot-doot-doot sound with her telescopic vision! 馃槈

      But she doesn’t milk it at all, and she doesn’t have to. When I’m home I try to help her with the stuff that’s just a pain to do on a walker or wheelchair. When I’m at work she does it all by herself. She’s a really independent person.

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