The Death of a Great American Lady

I share a great sadness today. My best friend, Murray Howe, has just lost his mother, Colleen Howe. It was expected, as she has been sick for some time, but the reality of it is a different thing altogether. A terrible loss.

The Howe family is famous in the sports world, but their legacy is in their kindness and generosity. Eg, I took this picture of Murray at a sports complex in Traverse City that their family donated. They have been involved in countless benefits and charities. Murray’s mom was the mastermind of most of it. She was a great American lady. She will be missed! My heart goes out to Murray and his family.

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2 thoughts on “The Death of a Great American Lady”

  1. I'm sorry for you and most especially, for Murray and his family. How wonderful that she left such a lasting legacy!

  2. Thank you, Keli!

    The Howe family is indeed special! It was evident by the outpouring of love at the funeral home and church. People came from all over the US and Canada.

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