The Carolina Wren

The Carolina Wren is my favorite little backyard bird. I love its cute little shape and its happy song (I’m not gay, really). I’m jealous of South Carolina that it’s their state bird. But I’m happy that it’s a frequent flyer in our backyard! Gail posted several other Carolina Wren pictures on her site.

If you want to hear it sing, watch this 29 second YouTube video. In fact, that’s what the bird says: “video video video video!”

12 thoughts on “The Carolina Wren”

  1. I love to watch all our birds too. Their singing makes me smile. I’m sure it does the same for the both of you.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. 🙂

    1. It really is such a great hobby. They are a great reason to go outside. And we have met some very interesting and knowledgeable people as a result. We are looking forward to our second New River Birding and Nature Festival in W Va in early May!

  2. The “I’m not gay” made me snort water out of my nose, and I was not currently drinking water!

    My daughter has a bird book I recently bought her so we can identify birds in our backyard and as you saw, in Corolla. I am amazed at how many birds come through our area that I never even noticed. There are black capped chickadees that I love and see sometimes… we love to see cardinals… but even better, seeing a red winged blackbird. Maybe considered pests elsewhere, but we rarely get to see them and love them!

    1. Katherine!
      We might turn you guys into birders! You might want to look into a bird feeder at your local Wild Birds Unlimited store. It’s fun to attract them to your backyard!

  3. OMGosh… the Carolina Wren is just precious! I can see why he is your favorite.

    We must not have them in Ohio because I would sure remember a beauty like that!

    1. I never saw them up in Toledo either. If you click on the Carolina Wren link, you will see on the range map that their very northernmost range is up around the Great Lakes, but they must be very rare up there.

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