The Boring and Quirky Meme

My old blog friend Mandy of Texas Medical Freak, not that she’s “old” old, hell she’s younger than I am, and prettier, I mean “old” like she was one of my first blog buddies, has tagged me for this meme. (How’s that for a run-on sentence!) And since she is not aware of my meme addiction tendencies, I know she wasn’t being mean about it. She herself was hit blindside by Susie who gets all artsy over at Soul-to-Soul. And before that… I dunno.

The simple but potentially humiliating idea is to list 6 things that are either boring or quirky about myself. This will be difficult as I’ll have to dig deep through my rock hard, live fast die young, sex drugs and rock and roll, party hardy with Bacardi personality to try to find something boring or quirky.
Who’s that laughing!?
What did you say?
You talkin’ to me?! YOU talkin’ to ME!?!
YOU don’t know ME! Behind my nerd disguise lies a party animal, lying in wait for some crazy wild partying. Actually, I’ve been waiting a long time. Like 53 years now. The party better break out soon, because my nerd disguise is starting to fit a little tight. I need a bigger size. Sigh.

Okay, I know, I’m procrastinating. Six boring and/or quirky things. Here we go…

1. I really like blogging. Now, I know that only other bloggers will read this and think, “That’s not boring or quirky! Blogging is cool!” But the difference between you and me is that I’m a realist. ; )

A. I love this time of year because of fantasy football. Now, I know that most bloggers would agree that is a boring and quirky characteristic of mine, but I think it is cool. See, the difference between you and me is that I live in a fantasy world.

1. My once broad taste in music is starting to narrow. I have always liked both kinds of music, country and western. No, seriously, I like a lot of stuff. But my list of dislikes grows and grows. For example, I don’t like hip-hop, cRap, or even reggae. There, I said it! Won’t go to those parties even if I’m invited, though that’s “Not. Freakin. Likely.”

I. I’m a 53 year old professional man, and I like using winky emoticons. But I’m counting on my blog buds to tell me there’s nothing wrong with that. Right? ; ) RIGHT?! ; ) ; ) ; ) ….. c’mon!!

1. I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol, or feeling drunk. Sorry, but I like to be in control of my senses, bowel, and bladder. I know… TMI.

A. I could eat a Cheeseburger Happy Meal every other day for lunch, and I’d be good with that. I discovered that they put some sort of addictive substance in them, and they really do make me happy!

OMG, am I really THAT boring and quirky!?!
Where’s a coin? I have to flip. Heads publish, tails delete.
Again, two out of three. Heads publish, tails delete.
Groan. ; (

If you’re boring or quirky enough to want to try this, tag yourself!

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