The Best Weekend Parts Meme

My good friend, Twisted Sister Dawn, gave me an idea for my first meme. This will be very easy and quick to do, so really, you have no excuse. Your assignment is simply to think back on your weekend and list three things that made you happy. Write a flash blog post with your three joys and let me know.
Here are mine:
Every Saturday morning without fail, I meet with a group of guy friends for breakfast and conversation. We have been doing it for over ten years. We talk about real stuff, like sports, computers, cars, current events, celebrities, … and relationships, and feelings! Yeah really, even feelings! (They’re like a bunch of girls! Not me, of course.) They are my best friends and I’m really glad they are in my life. We have seen each other through a lot of stuff! Here we are at breakfast:


Shopping at Lowe’s with Princess Gail. She is all about home projects and home repairs. She can do anything. Painting, wallpaper, refinishing furniture, sanding, staining, dry wall, electric, carpentry, plumbing, tiling, linoleum, baseboards, hanging drapes and blinds, all manner of yard work, you name it. Our house is perfect, inside and out, because of her. Me myself hates doing that kind of stuff, so I just take care of other things like grocery shopping and cooking. I know… our relationship is a little backwards, but it seems to work just fine!


I bought a new car! I recently sold my 10 year old Camry because I need a better car on the road. I will be posting more on this in the near future. But for now, I’ll just revel in the new-car-smell feeling. It is really fun buying a new car!

Those are just three of my weekend joys. How about yours?

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