Thanks to my mom

Thanks to my mom, I got this picture. I was up in Toledo these past few days because she was having surgery. Fortunately, it was an elective thing, not a life or death thing, and it all went well. But she is an 81 year old diabetic, so any general anesthesia procedure carries some risk and I wanted to be there. Gail and I left a 72 degree day here in Winston last Monday to battle the ice and snow up in northern Ohio. Brrr! On the day of her surgery, the trees (the ones that didn’t crack, break and fall) were still beautifully caked in thick ice. After her surgery, while we were still in the waiting room and the sun was getting low in the sky, I was struck by a most beautiful sky. The clouds, the low sun glimmering on the icicled trees, the rainbow of colors, the partly frozen pond of Flower Hospital, with the ever-present ducks and geese. My mom would have loved this moment, and I knew it would disappear very quickly, and it did as one of the heavy clouds obscured the sun. I wanted my camera so bad! But I only had my iPhone. So before the image was lost, I hurriedly ran outside and took the picture with the iPhone anyway. It will be a good memory of my mom’s successful surgical day. Thanks, Ma! For everything!


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  1. So glad your Mom is ok and you were able to be with her for the surgery. I am so tired of snow! We’ve had more snow this month than the entire winter. Spring cannot come soon enough for me. Your picture is great! I love my iPhone, recently upgraded to the iPhone 4 and the camera is unbelievable.

    1. Gail has the iPhone 4, too, and you’re right, the camera is really great! I still have the 3GS, and the camera is not nearly as good. I should have grabbed Gail’s phone. The picture could have been much better.
      I’ll upgrade in June when the next iPhone comes out! 🙂

    1. I am so lucky to still have my parents at age 81, really quite healthy and independent overall. My kids still have all 4 grandparents. They are old enough to appreciate that.
      My mom is a really cool lady! She had good family support during her surgery, and now during her recovery. It’s the least we can do, after all she has done for us all these years.

  2. Can an iPhone really take a photo like that? Show quality and suitable for framing…

    I bet your mom appreciates you so much… you could never buy her a gift as precious as your time and devotion. Glad you got to be there!

    1. Yeah, my mom is sickeningly proud of her sons. But I often think I should be more attentive to my parents. I need to call more.

      I like the photo, because it reminds me of the real moment. But I truly failed to capture it with the simple iPhone 3GS camera. I am my own worst critic, I know, but I’m okay with images that are less than perfect if they have some redeeming elements.

  3. Sorry I haven’t visited in so long. Anyway, I’m very happy to hear your mom is alright. I like the new look of your blog. What a fantastic photo. Take care 🙂

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