Thank you, my friends!

My blogging community means a lot to me. I have eFriends who care about me as I care about them. We laugh, we share, we worry, we rant, we support, we encourage, and it makes a difference in my life. And now I am humbled to receive these awards which just confirms what we all mean to each other. I want to thank Annie, Dawn, and Mimi in particular, because they are behind these particular awards, but I am also grateful for all the bloggers in my community who touch my life, and you know who you are!
This award was originally created by Ann for her friend Dawn. Thank you for sharing!

“You are never a burden.. don’t ever think that. Friends need each other to pick them up when they are down and I would do nothing less. “
Dawn Drover~ Twisted Sister
A Million Dollar Friend is the kind of person who instinctively knows what it means to be a good friend; this kind of person makes you look forward to the days ahead and fondly remember the days that have passed. 

A Nice Place In The Sun

And from The Queen no less is this special award. This means the world to me because I hold Mimi in the highest regard as the heart and soul of the worldwide BlogBlast for Peace. Dona Nobis Pacem ~ Grant Us Peace! And She thinks my humble little blog rocks!? Wow!! Thanks!!

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