I need a Theme that says “Me”

Okay, I figured out how to use WP themes.  I got rid of the ugly/generic/nauseating one and you are looking at “SkyFire.”  It’s alright, but not really what I want.  Too dark.  I’ll have to see where I can find other themes, preferably for free, but not necessarily. I’ve seen many custon themes that I really like, and I’ll probably go in that direction.

BTW, I’m posting from a computer at work!  Cool! All of 5 minutes to post, if that.  That’s a LOT faster than with my oldy but goody iWeb.

WOAH! The big jump!

WordPress welcomes me!

With a little tear in my eye, I kissed iWeb good-bye.  No regrets.  iWeb was good to me and taught me a lot.  But now I’m ready for bigger and better blogging!

I don’t have loads of time right now, so I’ll have to develop the site slowly. Please forgive the ugly/generic theme for the time being.  I can prescribe anti-nausea medication if you need it! (Where do I find emoticons?  Jeesh, I have a lot to learn.)