Princess Gail’s bionic!

This post is simply to document one of the many reasons why I think Princess Gail is royal. Underneath her style and elegance are a multitude of character strengths including plain old toughness.

In my last post I mentioned how she completed a 5K. Here’s the picture I posted, at the finish line.

What I didn’t mention is that she was running on a very painful leg. About two weeks prior, she had felt a sudden jolt of pain in her right groin area during a training run and had to walk the rest of the way. She was told it was a tendinitis. Since the 5K was a mere two weeks hence, and she had been training for it for months, she decided to continue the twice weekly training runs and to complete the 5K with her running group, despite the persistent pain.

After the 5K she was very, very sore, and two days later she could not walk at all. After two more days of crawling around the house on all fours she saw her doctor. She had an x-ray and an MRI. She was diagnosed with a stress fracture of her hip! Further, since it was in a dangerous place, it required urgent orthopedic surgery!

So three days ago, Princess Gail turned bionic! A rod and three screws were placed in her right hip.

We just got home from the hospital. She’s not looking really swift just yet, but she’s picking up speed with her walker. In two or three months she’ll be healed.

Well, Princess Gail completed her mission and ran a 5K on a broken hip! I’m thinking her next one will be a breeze!

(Words and images posted with Gail’s permission.)