Making the best of it

The senior class trip is almost over. We’re right now on the 12 hour bus ride back to Winston. It will be SO great to be home! Non-stop sitting for special kids is not so special for the adults. But we did spend a pretty good day yesterday in NYC. The highlight for me was going back to the Statue of Liberty, just as awesome as when I went as a child with my parents. It was Gail’s first time seeing it.

There was a nice bus tour and then we split from the group for a few hours. We had Gail’s ring checked at Tiffany’s, walked around Rockefeller Center and Times Square, and stopped at St. Patrick’s on Holy Thursday. Then we had a nice dinner at Trattoria Trecolori before meeting back up with our group at the Shuman Theater to see the show “Memphis.”

All in all, an excellent day! I’m grateful.