Dona Nobis Pacem 2015

It’s that time of year again, the gathering of kindred spirits from all over the world, promoting the idea that we can all live together in peace.

This year I am grateful for so many people that have taught me and helped me along the way, impossible to name them all. I will name my parents, who are in their mid-eighties, and still lighting the way for the younger generations, now for their great-grandchildren. I will name my four children, who give meaning to my very existence. And I’ll name Princess Gail, who selflessly provides me with joy, a harmonious partnership, order, and a sense of peace I have never felt before she came into my life.

A special thanks today to my friend Dawn, who actually put together my peace globe this year. I procrastinated myself out of time. I gave her my ideas, and she created a globe much nicer than what I could have done. Thank you, Dawn!

Peace to all who visit this lonely blog, and even to those who don’t. Peace on Mimi’s Blogblast4Peace day, and on every other day of the year. Peace to you and to your friends, family, and even to those who aren’t. Peace to you at this very moment, and at as many moments as possible. May you be blessed with many such moments of peace, and more importantly may you be the source and instigator of peace in your corner of the world.

And thank you, Mimi, for this beautiful celebration! You bring us together to focus on this wonderful ideal. Peace!

Peace Globe 2015

The Queen’s Peace Meme


This is the perfect meme for the moment! Thanks to Queen Mimi for these peaceful questions!

1. How do you find your own personal peace/nirvana?

I try to figure out what is making me anxious. Sometimes it takes a prayer for clarity. And many times I just have to keep repeating the Serenity Prayer over and over like a mantra. Other ways that work for me are physical exercise, relaxation exercises, and our massage chair.
2. Where do you go to find respite and solace?
Is there a particular place, city, country, room in your house?

Our house is roomy enough to find a quiet spot, and we are all respectful enough to give each other alone time when needed.

3. Who is the most peace-loving person you know? What makes them so?

Martha Wheeler.  She is a long time friend from Toledo. I have always been impressed by her kind and peaceful manner. She accomplishes an amazing lot, and always in an elegant, peaceful, unhurried, and unruffled way.

4. What do you do when your inner peace is threatened?
Do you have a strategy, a routine, religious faith, a mantra……to calm yourself down?

See #1.

5. What is your favorite comfort food?

Cookies or pie.  I prefer pie, because I count it as a “fruit group” selection!  😉
6. Do you have a pet that brings you happiness and peace? If not, what type of animals bring you peaceful thoughts?

Birds, because they are outside pets! (I wouldn’t mind an imaginary dog, either!)

7. What is your favorite peace song?

Peace it Together. It’s a song I’ve been working on for a while. Maybe for the next BB4P?

8. Did you post a peace globe on November 5th and participate in BlogBlast For Peace?

Duh… like, who didn’t!?!

Dona Nobis Pacem ~ 2009

Sometimes life is hard.  Part of being human is to suffer, there is no way around that.  We all have our hurts… physical, emotional, and spiritual.  I carry some of my old hurts with me even as I acquire new ones, that’s just the way it is.

So today I am grateful for those times in between… the good times!  Just as we have our share of suffering, we are also blessed with times of joy and peace! We carry those with us, too!  I will try to always remember the good old times while looking forward to the good new times!

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A look back to my peace post of Nov 6, 2008.

Sunday Spirit – Time’s Ticking Away, repost

People of the world!  Children of the world!

I look forward to a future where we all live together in peace and understanding. It is not a pipe dream. We can make it happen, if we each do our own part.

On November 5, 2009, the people of the world will get together on the same wavelength, in a spirit of universal love:  The BlogBlast for Peace!

Please join us! Your part is important!

The next BlogBlast for Peace is Nov 5, 2009 – Are you ready?

I sincerely hope you are participating in this year’s BlogBlast for Peace.  It is the brainchild of the infamous Mimi Lenox at Mimi Writes.  If peace is important to you, please consider speaking out with us.  One day, one voice, thousands of bloggers from dozens of countries.  You will be glad you did when you see and read the contributions from all over the world!