Historic Bethabara Park

IMG_1161Gail, why so sseriouss?!

Gail and I spent a part of the afternoon at a Fourth of July celebration at Historic Bethabara Park in Winston-Salem.  I learned a lot about the original Moravian settlers from back in the mid 1700’s!  They were of German origin and kept meticulous records of all their plans and activities. The locals are proud of the Moravian heritage and have taken great pains to preserve the sites and the knowledge. There are regular reenactments. It was all pretty cool!  (Well, sunny and 90 degrees, but you know what I mean.) It is truly amazing what our early settlers were able to do. I got a very good feel for what their life was like.


This was a very nice lady, all dressed up 1700’s Moravian stlye.  I sure am glad Gail dresses in Gail-style!


That’s better, baby!