My first time with the M1911 .45 caliber pistol

This is a famous gun, and important in U.S. history. The M1911 was designed by the genius of John Browning and was the standard issue side-arm for the U.S. armed forces from 1911 to 1985. It is still carried by some U.S. forces. It has been refined over the years, but the basic geometry and system remain just like Browning designed, and versions of the 1911 have been built by many gun manufacturing companies all over the world. Browning’s single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed and recoil-operated handgun was the winning design over others who were trying to build a self-feeding gun at that time. It was chambered for the powerful .45 ACP cartridge, which continues to be used today because of its ability to stop an enemy combatant, a home invader, or any assailant.

Today I decided to try one out for the first time. I rented a model made by Rock Island Armory, just like the one you see pictured. The single stack magazine held 8 rounds of the .45 caliber bullet. I was impressed by the very manageable recoil and by the accuracy at least out to 25 yards, which is the farthest I attempted. The gun felt very comfortable in my hand, but it is heavy at 38.4 ounces. The weight is part of the reason for the manageable recoil. The weight is no problem at the range, but I wonder how the soldiers felt carrying it around all day. I suppose the famous reliability of this gun and its inherent power made it all worthwhile.

I was glad to have fired it. I can see why so many people want to own one as part of their collection. The historical aspect alone, especially if one has a military connection, would make this a desirable piece. As for me, I probably will not own one. I have been spoiled by the Springfield XDM and would have the option of either the full size gun or the compact model. If I ever own a .45 it will be a Springfield XDM, unless Ruger “surprises” us one day with an SR45c. 🙂