Josh Groban at the Charlotte Time Warner Cable Arena

Gail’s son, Eric, has been fascinated by Josh Groban’s voice ever since he was a young boy. He has played each and every one of Josh’s songs thousands upon thousands of times. He can sing all of them word for word, even if they are in Italian or Portuguese. Groban’s voice is, of course, one of those extremely rare, one in a billion kind of voices. If it sounds awesome to a regular person, I often wonder what it must sound like inside Eric’s autistic brain.

Listening to Josh Groban is one of Eric’s special interests. So Gail decided to buy tickets to a concert, and we took Eric to see his idol last night in Charlotte, NC. We had good seats. Gail and Eric got to stand about 10 feet from him for a little while. It was a very special kind of night!