Pilot Mountain Hot Nights Hot Cars

The small town of Pilot Mountain, NC hosts a monthly “Cruise-in” for old cars, every first Saturday of the month over the summer months. I’ve posted on it before, and I’ll do it again because it’s always a fun time for us. The cars are cool, car people are cool, AND… I can always find a fix for my insatiable need for funnel cakes and/or deep fried Oreos!

Here’s Princess Gail with a random old car. I took the picture because you can see Pilot Mountain in the distance.

Gail has been talking about taking a ride in a big ol’ car from the past. One that could seat 4 people across the front seat and another four people in the back. Before the days of seat belts. When kids could walk around inside the car, jump from the front to the back, and nobody got hurt. From the days of 32 cents a gallon and who cared if your gas hog V-8 only got 12 miles to the gallon. She was particularly drooly over this car.

There’s plenty of patriotic in these small town affairs. Dude with old tractor and flag is a prime example.

I threw in this picture just to show the kind of cars Detroit was making in the year I was born. A 1955 Buick 2-door Hardtop. Makes me feel pretty damn old! Or should I say… Vintage! Or maybe even Historic!

And who wouldn’t want to ride one of these beauties! I mean the Corvette! 😉