First try at HDR photography

This is a sort of continuation of my previous post. Please refer back to it for proper cred to Lee at Tarheel Ramblings for the idea. I was unaware HDR photo editing even existed until he opened my eyes to it. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is a method of digitally combining several shots of the same image, taken at different exposure settings, to capture as much exposure information as possible out of your camera, and get an image that is more true to life, or even an artsy “truer than life!” (I just made that up. Ha!)

I just downloaded a free HDR program for the Mac called HDRtist. So here is my first effort. This first effort is actually a “fake” HDR because I am only using one image for the tone mapping, instead of several. But at least it is an image taken in RAW format, which captures way Way WAY more digital information than a simple jpeg.

Here is a simple jpeg version of a shot I took this past fall. I actually like it:

And here is an HDR version:

I think I like it more. What do you think?