3 hours to kill, or enjoy

These are exciting days. For the past seven months, I have been driving back and forth every week from Toledo to Winston-Salem, as I started an exciting new job on the first of the year, and as we complete the countless tasks of relocation. The big move finally happens in three days! I am right now sitting on a comfortable rocking chair on a balcony at the main concourse of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, waiting 3 hours for my connection to Detroit Metro where Princess Gail will pick me up. I have time to either participate in travel anxiety, or peacefully reflect on all the good things in my life, for which I’m grateful. Since this is a gratitude blog, I choose the latter!

Gail has been capably managing all the details back home in Toledo. She is a master organizer. She has trimmed down our household as our new home has considerably less storage. We were advised to “edit” our belongings, and really, that’s a good thing. Little by little we have accumulated stuff we no longer use, need, or want. But getting rid of stuff is a chore! And the stuff that has emotional meaning takes extra thought. Well, Gail has edited away these past seven months.

We didn’t want to own two homes at the same time. Our house in Toledo has been slow to sell. The big move has to happen now because of Eric’s school. We also didn’t want to leave an empty house back in Toledo. So we waited until last month to buy a house in Winston. And wouldn’t you know it, a few weeks later we got our first offer on our Toledo house, and it looks like we’ll close in early September! We won’t have a double payment! Man, I am GRATEFUL!!

Speaking of grateful, I just bought a little iPhone app called Gratitude! The idea is to write down 5 things I am grateful for every day. Perfect for me!

I feel very blessed right now. All the important people in my life are healthy. All are doing well, working hard, gradually moving ahead in every way, as I see it. Not that there aren’t problems, issues, and some sadness. Sure there are. That’s part of life. I’m sad to be putting physical distance between me and my four adult children. But I see answers to all the problems, issues and sadness. All in all, things are good. We are blessed and I’m grateful.

I will now sleep with my wife every night, instead of 4-5 nights per month. I am very grateful for that! (I hope she is,too! LOL)

And I am very grateful for the exciting opportunity to start a new life in North Carolina. I have learned many lessons through the mistakes I made in my previous life in Toledo. And I am older. I value and savor the many blessings that seem to always come my way. My next job will be to see how I give them all back, pay them forward.

Okay, I better stop. Just because I have all this time on my hands doesn’t mean I should abuse my readers with my wordiness!