Labor (Day Weekend) of Love

It was our first trip back to Toledo since we have all moved down to NC, and I think we made the most of it!

Our first stop was to visit Ginny in Cincinnati. We bought her an area rug for her birthday for her apartment living room, so we brought it with us from Winston and installed it. It is always great to see Ginny, my second daughter! She has grown up to be a pretty amazing young woman, with a wonderful sensitivity that draws people. She’s a counselor and advocate for abused children, working in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.


The following morning, we drove up to Columbus, and dropped off some furniture that we brought down for my brother Al and his family. Here I am with my SIL Kirsten and my two nephews, Christian and Daniel.

We then met Gail’s niece Aamanda, who also lives in Columbus, for a quick lunch, and still made it to Toledo in time for a round of golf with Kevin, and then dinner at Gail’s sister Amy’s. She and husband Rick put on a tasty dinner, especially considering it was last minute on a Friday after work.

Saturday morning was the 21st annual Crotte family fantasy football league draft. We look forward to this every year. We could have done it online from Winston, but it was much better live and in person at my parents’ house. Our team, Salsa Picante, is owned by me, Gail, and Kevin. More news on this as the season unfolds!

draft room2 2009

Afterwards we met with our realtor, saw Gail’s parents, and then went back to my parents’ house for my father’s 80th birthday celebration. Well, one of them as this was not the actual day. BTW, have you ever tried to find a 80th year BD card? I think they’re hard to find! I had to get a 50 + a 30!


We had a very full weekend! I am grateful for all the people in my life! I’m grateful for cars and U-Haul trailers and easy roads. I’m grateful for the mapping functions on our iPhones. My gratefulness is overflowing today!

Be careful if you’re driving home this weekend! And remember, no TWD! (texting while driving)