The Silly and Serious Reflecting Pool

A few weeks ago I posted on the coolness of having set foot on the actual site of one of the scenes in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. So on our recent trip to Washington, I figured I would do the same sort of thing. The first movie image that came to my mind was from Forrest Gump.

We started at the Washington Monument, where we thought we would have the classic view of the Lincoln Memorial reflected beautifully in the Reflecting Pool.

Well, I was happy to see (Gail and) the perfect placement of the WW2 Memorial, but quite disappointed at the brown dirt in the Non-reflecting Pool! We walked down the National Mall to take a closer look.

Besides setting the stage for an important Forrest Gump moment, The Lincoln Memorial is known for many, many other things, including President Lincoln.

Since 1922, when the memorial was built, President Lincoln has had a super view of the Washington Monument across the Reflecting Pool. But this is what he sees now, and for a couple of years during a 30M dollar repair of the Pool.

You can see how these front steps of the Lincoln Memorial were the perfect stage for the Forrest Gump peace rally!

I was prepared to yell, “Jenny! Jenny!” But it just wasn’t the same without the water. Still, it was cool to be at the same exact spot where Tom Hanks and Robin Wright stood a few years back.

And let’s not forget that on these same steps a great man told us about his dream.

On these steps on August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech during the “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom,” a defining moment of the American Civil Rights Movement. So it was also awe-inspiring and humbling to stand on these steps.

Do we live in a great country or what!?! 🙂