Happy Father’s Day!

Megan and her husband Mike had a nice Father’s Day dinner for me just now, a day early because I’ll be on the road tomorrow. It was great! A beautiful evening, great company, and great food! How do you like my “Dad” fruit pizza?

Kevin and his girlfriend Stehanie were there, and so were my parents, so I was able to spend a little time with my father as well.

Being a father to my four children has been the best and most important part of my life! It still is. They are all grown adults, but they will always be my very heart and soul!

And as I grow older, my feelings for my father seem to get warmer and warmer. I’m glad of that.  The complicated father-son thing has settled into complete acceptance.  I can now see beyond the imperfections, beyond my own personal issues that have clouded certain relationships in my life.  I can better appreciate his struggles, and his contributions to all that I am.  Gracias, Pa!