Deception! A Writing Bloc Anthology – grab your copy now!

Deception! is the second anthology produced by Writing Bloc Publishing. I’m thrilled to announce that my short story “The Big Scam” was selected! It is in the company of 23 other short stories, written by some fabulous authors, all somehow touching on the theme of deception.

The coolest thing about Writing Bloc is the cooperative nature of the beast. Once the stories were selected, they placed the authors into groups of 5 and tasked us with editing each others’ stories. After that, the stories went through Writing Bloc’s internal editing. The end result is a top-notch product due to a remarkable level of collaboration and professionalism.

As a group, we submitted several cover designs and ended up with the gorgeous graphic you see above. We brought numerous other issues and details to a group vote. With the use of web-based technologies, we accomplished everything within a year — from initial submissions to publication.

The ebook version of Deception! is available on Amazon now and will be available on other platforms soon. The print version will be ready in the next few days or weeks. The ebook price is just $2.99, so it’s easy to grab your copy now! You’ll get 24 entertaining short stories that you’re sure to enjoy! Click on the pic for more information. 😀