Fantasy Football Mom

I’m sure it goes back further, but my earliest memories of my mom screaming shouts of encouragement at the TV were when I was about 12. That would be around 1967. (Yeah, I’m old, shut up.) And it was ALL about the Green Bay Packers. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know that she has ever set foot in the state of Wisconsin. But she loved her Bart Starr, and her Golden Boy Paul Hornung, and Ray Nitschke, and on and on…

Then, for what seems like a lifetime, the yelling was all about #4, Brett Favre. Here’s a picture of my mom at the recent 21st annual Crotte family fantasy football draft. Yes, that’s a little shrine to St. Brett.

mom and st brett

He might do it, I’ve seen him play and he’s good, but Aaron Rodgers has some mighty big shoes to fill. But no matter, she’s still screaming and yelling at the TV.

And we love her like that!