Intoxicated again!

In October, 2009 I posted about a series of intoxications I experienced while in LA. As background, you might want to read that short post here. Right after I posted it, I took a picture of our plain trellis.

And then I planted the Jasmine plant. It has now had a chance to grow a bit, and is already starting to flower and to intoxicate me again with its wonderful scent!

If you’ll notice, it has crept upwards, through the floorboards of our screened in porch and around the railing posts. So the plant is also now indoors, inside the porch! Bonus!

You’re welcome to come over and check it out. Bring your nose! 🙂

one more off the bucket list

About 15 years ago while in LA, I got intoxicated.  Actually, it happened over and over again, each time I went in or out of the hotel where we were staying.  I didn’t recognize the plant that was having this effect on my olfactory sense because I had never seen one in Toledo.  I asked, and learned that it was Jasmine!  I just LOVE the fragrance!  Later, when I looked into it, I discovered that it wouldn’t grow in Toledo’s latitude.  For whatever reason, I was quite disappointed, and kept that somewhere in the back of my mind.  And now, I find that two species of Jasmine will grow in North Carolina, one of which is fragrant!  I just bought one today, and will plant it along the trellis under our screened-in porch.  It supposedly grows fast, so I hope someday soon it will look like this, and I hope to relive the intoxication while chillaxing on the porch!

carolina jasmine