Anima Sana In Corpore Sano

ASICS. My favorite running shoe, and Princess Gail knows it. She also knows my size in all sorts of different shoes, eg Asics runs a full size smaller. So today she is out and about and noticed Asics were on a super sale at Kohl’s. She bought me the very best ones, MRP $84.99, on sale for $54.99. But she knew she also had a 20% off coupon, bringing the price down to $43.99!

Princess Gail was thinking of me, and that is wonderful, and for some reason humbling. She doesn’t have to do these little things for me, but she does and I really, really appreciate it. And I equally love the fact that she is very careful with purchases and our finances. She NEVER buys anything full price! She is an awesome shopper!

We value our health and we love to exercise. So things like new running shoes are a cool treat! We don’t mind investing in our good health. ASICS. Anima sana in corpore sano. Healthy mind in healthy body.

Thanks, baby! 🙂