Congrats Lee!

I think this season of American Idol was one of the best ever! The talent that bubbled to the top was truly remarkable. There were several that I thought had enough talent to become this year’s idol.

Like most years, my pick did not make it to the top. Though I truly congratulate Lee DeWyze and wish him the best, I think America missed it on two extremely artistic and talented contestants: Crystal Bowersox (from Toledo, Ohio! Yey!) and Siobhan Magnus.

In the past, the American Idol finalist has not always been the most successful. Sometimes it’s best to be number two. So I hope in the future to hear a lot more from both Crystal and Siobhan and their very special, unique talents.

I’m grateful for all these young people on American Idol. Their music brings me a special joy. They are all winners in a big way!