Sunday Spirit – Time’s Ticking Away

People of the world!  Children of the world!

I look forward to a future where we all live together in peace and understanding. It is not a pipe dream. We can make it happen, if we each do our own part.

On November 5, 2009, the people of the world will get together on the same wavelength, in a spirit of universal love:  The BlogBlast for Peace!

Please join us! Your part is important!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Spirit – Time’s Ticking Away”

  1. I like that "same wavelength" vibe. It happens like a well-oiled cataclysmic machine on peace globes day. I can't explain it. But it's awesome.

    Thanks for being a big part of the dream, my friend.

    You totally rock!!

  2. Great story mate. I’m still waitin on mine. I still get a little pain in my ankle running and have only just got the technique down. I’ve been tryin to run right up on my toes! (Stupid idea). Can’t wait to be at that level where I can just go out and run again.

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