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This is my contribution for today’s Sunday Scenery, a regular deal at my friend, Lee’s blog. I am visiting my daughter, Kelly, in AZ later this week. This is a picture of the Grand Canyon that I took during one of my previous trips.


Grand Canyon

Click here for my full size gallery/slideshow of 10 Grand Canyon pictures.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Scenery”

  1. I think the word "awesome" was created to describe the Grand Canyon. Truly, the feeling one gets cannot be explained in words or pictures. It is one of the most naturally spiritual places I have ever experienced. If you ever have the chance, go!

  2. Thanks, Aileni!

    I LOVED your St. Patrick's Day sunset picture!

    And I considered what you said about the "tiny" picture. Since this isn't a true photoblog, the photo display capabilities are limited. So I created a gallery on my Apple site with full size pix. Thanks for the sideways suggestion!

  3. The Grand Canyon is on my "bucket list" of places I want to visit with my camera. I've flown over it, on my way to San Diego, but have never had the opportunity to visit. This is a perfect shot for Sunday Scenery, Ferd.

  4. Thanks, Lee! Like I said on your blog, your Sunday Scenery is a wonderful way for people to share their pix. Everyone has pictures of their favorite places. And it is fun to see such creativity out there! Way to go, bro!

  5. Isn't the Grand Canyon amazing? We dragged our kids there years ago, and our younger son complained of the distance and the drive. Just before we got out of the car, he said, "This better be worth it." We walked over to the rim and awe-inspired, he slowly said, "It is."

    Wondrous and majestic!

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  6. Keli~

    I wish we had done a family trip to the great American West, including the Grand Canyon. That must have been a cool experience with your family. Well, at least we got to do a dude ranch week in Wyoming, and several Colorado ski trips. I have been able to take a few people to the Grand Canyon on my various trips out there to see my daughter.

    "Wondrous and majestic!" Well said!

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