3 thoughts on “Sunday Scenery – Oct 3, 2010”

  1. How wonderful to have such great scenery on your daily walk. Even better now that you're in NC since you will be able to walk almost year round. Don't you just love your iPhone? I take pictures with mine all the time and have some really good ones too. BTW, do you have the iPhone 4? I don't but was looking at it over the weekend and will be upgrading to it soon. I hear the camera is much better.

  2. Elaine~

    Yes, we are truly blessed!

    We don't have the iPhone 4 yet, though we've been tempted to upgrade. What held me back was the antenna thing, and the possibility that they will be adding a Verizon option in the future. Will probably wait until the next model. But I do hear the camera is WAY better! And I especially love the picture in a picture during phone calls. How cool! Tell me how you like it!


    Goofy comedies over tiramisu! Now you're talkin'!!!


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