10 thoughts on “Sunday Scenery – Mt. Pisgah”

    1. Ha! That TV tower is a famous irritation to many people! There was a recent opportunity for it to come down when the government mandated changing from analog to digital TV; and people tried, but in the end the FCC decided it could stay up.

      Ha2! You don’t know how hard I try to get pictures without telephone poles and wires. I’m sure you’d like to know I had to hike a little bit to get this unobstructed shot!

    1. It just seems so wrong! I’m sure the engineers that put it up were all excited about the range from such a large antenna on such a high peak. They probably didn’t have the genes we use to appreciate art and beauty!

    1. There is a hint of color here and there at the higher altitudes in the Blue Ridge. Fall colors will be in full swing here by the end of October.

      Sandee, we were on this trip during your birthday, so I missed wishing you a happy one. Hope it was!

      Hugs to you and Z! 🙂

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