6 thoughts on “Sunday Scenery ~ At the New River Gorge in WV”

  1. Gorgeous! As Meleah said – relaxing. But I am also thinking about all the cool critters that are probably in the picture that you can’t see. Crawfish…little fish…all kinds of cool things!

    1. Ah, Keli, we have a similar eye! I am so not surprised!

      This is, first of all, a truly beautiful natural spot. I then purposely enhanced the image to be done dreamy! Now I’ll turn a little photo-geek and tell you it is actually a composite of 3 separate RAW images taken in rapid succession at 3 different exposure settings, to capture all the detail from darkest to lightest. I then processed them through my HDR (High Dynamic Range) program, and adjusted the tone mapping to come out dreamy. I’m so glad you appreciated the effect! 😀

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