6 thoughts on “Sunday Scenery”

  1. Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had great weather too. I do miss going to NC 🙁

    Love how you changed the header image to your golf outing. I finally got around to switching over Weaver and still playing with it. Lot of options!

  2. Dawn~
    I can’t take a bad picture with Gail in it! Especially at a beautiful golf course on a beautiful day! I am a lucky (and grateful) man!!! 🙂

    It’s what I love most about golf, being outside in beautiful places!

    You know, Pinehurst is just a bike ride away from where your daughter used to live!
    Yeah, the weather was great! HOT and HUMID, but we had a great time!

    Glad you like the header. If you want to know, I write the blog title and tagline on the image using my photo software, and then I upload the header.

  3. Great shots, Ferd. I really like the way that Gail adds scale to the images…and she’s a great subject in her own right. 🙂 The pictures are razor sharp and the composition really captures the beauty of the course. Well done!

  4. Thanks, Lee~
    I appreciate your comments about the photos. I learned a new trick (which you probably already do.) I learned that when WordPress resizes uploaded images, the quality is significantly degraded. But if I resize the image with my own photo software (I use Photoshop Elements) to the actual size that I will show on the blog, in this case 600 pixels wide, the uploaded image is much sharper and the colors brighter. That’s what I did with these images. I’m going to do that from now on.

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