13 thoughts on “Steve Jobs is Dead, Long Live Steve Jobs”

    1. iKnow. iFeel like we have lost something so big we don’t even realize it yet. iHope he has left enough of an imprint at Apple that we continue to see bits of Steve Jobs shining through!

    1. I saw your meme over at Dawn’s blog, and it looks like fun. I’ll see what I can do!
      Thanks for the visit and the tag, Michelle! 馃檪

  1. Oh wow, new background? Looks great!!!

    I know you are a mac person – I wish I had a mac myself! But it never occurred to me until after Steve’s death that we DO have apple in the house… ipods! And yes, they certainly have changed how we see and listen to music – not in a bad way at all, actually. My boys have listened to far more different types of music than they ever would have otherwise!

  2. Your sentiments are so sweet and touching. I thought of you that day, sorry for your loss… (and yesterday I shopped for an iPhone! : ) )

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