So Grateful!

I am grateful for a great many blessings in my life.  If I were to break them down to the little things that happen every day, they would be too numerous to count.  Looking at my blessings in terms of broad categories over the course of my life, I would say that having helped raise four healthy, well-adjusted, productive children is the highlight of my life.  They are the main reason I was put on this earth, and they provide me with endless reasons for which to be grateful!

Today, I am expressing a special gratitude for Princess Gail.  I have learned that nothing much in life is meaningful unless there is someone to share it with.  Life is meant to be lived and appreciated together with another.  I am grateful that Gail and I share common values and interests, and that we appreciate them every day.  We are old enough to know that life is short, and that there are many things that could unexpectedly derail our happiness, so we don’t take much for granted.  I am grateful, too, for our differences, and that we give each other the time and the support to follow our unique paths.

So, I’m hugely grateful for Princess Gail! I can think of no better companion on this great road trip of life!

purple gail

7 thoughts on “So Grateful!”

  1. Sandee~

    Thank you, Master!

    Hope You had a great Thanksgiving!

    Big hug back at ya! 🙂


    And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family!

    Actually, yours is better looking. Your sisters are beautiful; my brothers are very ugly. 😉

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