Round One Madness!!

Thrilling and agonizing! This may be as good as it gets for me, #2 out of 20 in The Crotte Family Hoops Pool as of the end of the first round! You’d think I’m on a roll, but my most important pick LOST in the first round!!! Arrrggghhh!!!

My home team!! The Deamon Deacons are out! Ouch!!! I had picked Wake Forest to play my other fav team, Carolina, from just down the road (Hwy 40), in the finals, and to win it all!! And now they’re out!! In my heart, I thought Carolina was the better pick, but how can you not support your hometown team?!?

4 thoughts on “Round One Madness!!”

  1. Mine, too! I was on a roll in our pool, but now I'll go to the bottom!

    How embarrassing for Wake Forest, to have been #1 at one point and then losing like that.

    Next year I hope you join our pool as well. I'll send you a link.

  2. Hi, Keli,

    Yeah, very disappointing. I suppose March Madness is a thing at your house, too, right, with all those boys?

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