Rhyme Time Spin~ or… Blogku

Jen at Sprite’s Keeper is at it again, enticing me with yet another spin! This time, we’re supposed to be poetic and rhyme, but I don’t wanna. Nya nya! I’m gonna do what I want! I’m gonna do some blogku (that’s blog + haiku for all you non-Mimi readers.) And “haiku” is a Japanese form of poetry that in English looks like 3 lines, the first and third having 5 syllables, and the second having 7 syllables.

I also feel compelled to leave a little link love for my favorite haiku writer, Daughter at The Daily Lifeku. Her stuff blows me away. Don’t tell her I sent you, though. I’m a lurker over there. But she did inspire my meager effort. Here goes:

My Dearest E-Friends:
I’m bleary eyed reading blogs.
Got to get some sleep!

Hey you, with the memes!
I don’t have time for this shit!
Alright. Just one more.

Macintosh zombies
Vista is killing the nerds
let’s go eat their dead

Did I hear you say
you want me to kiss your ass?
Oh no you dint! Bitch!

I have a variation on the last one that I actually like better:

Did I hear you say
you want me to kiss your ass?
My pleasure, Princess!

So there you have it. My first blogku. Thanks, Jen, for helping me tap into my creative side. Too bad it’s as sick as the other side!

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