Princess Gail and Me

She’s this man’s dream!

Somehow we seem to understand each other. I like that we share so much in common. Perhaps even more, I like our differences. She fascinates me, the way she thinks, the stuff she does, even her little quirks. I call it all part of her charm. I like that we don’t have any need to change each other.

We can talk about our past, our mistakes, our differences of opinion. We respect each other. I feel accepted, understood, and loved. We share the dumb stuff of everyday. We joke, we tease, we laugh. We work well together, and easily get past the little frustrations.

She thinks everything through carefully, and makes consistently good decisions. She is fair and honest to a fault. A real princess, in the good sense of the word.

And you should see how she looks! Always just right! Beautiful and elegant, with a quiet wisdom.

And you should see how she walks! OMG! Heartbreaker!

And she likes to golf!!!

Oh yeah, I am SO grateful!!!
XO, baby!

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